The RBT brand is a Low Impact Blasting system that is designed for rock and concreted demolition in situations where the use of commercial explosives poses too high a risk, or is not suited for the task.

Our cartridges ensure a safe, non-detonating means of demolition, perfect for use in Civil Engineering, Tunneling and Mining operations.

RBT High Pressure Deflagration cartridges stems from the culmination of years of product and technology development from the original designer of Rock Breaking Cartridges (RBC`s) or Non- Detonating products.

Today, all our products are manufactured in the licensed facilities of LegadimaRBT,  located in Potchefstroom and Pretoria.


RBT offers  a standard electric initiated cartridge range as well as a sequentially timed, shock-tube range of cartridges.

The pyrotechnic mixture of RBT products are formulated to render an oxygen-positive balanced reaction.


RBT is a Class 1.4S product which renders it suitable for lenient road, rail and air transportation modes.

The Hazard Classification of RBT is:

  • UN 0432 – Articles Pyrotechnic for Technical Purposes
  • UN 0323 – Cartridges, Power Device



  • Concrete demolition.
  • Demolition of large boulders and rocks.
  • Swimming pool and foundation excavations.
  • Trenching applications.


  • RBT does not detonate, thus Air Blast and Shock Waves are not generated.
  • Demolition in close proximity of buildings and other infrastructure possible.
  • RBT shock-tube products enable sequential blasting operations – perfectly suited for trenching operations and large area demolition.
  • Oxygen balanced mixture ensures a lack of noxious gaseous products.
  • Reduced Safety Zone and evacuation area.
  • Easy transport and storage requirements

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  • Pipe Jacking Operations
  • Tunneling
  • Box Cuts


  • Continuous tunneling is possible.
  • Fragmentation is controlled.
  • Dust and fines is negligible
  • Short re-entry times.
  • Short cleaning cycles
  • Ensures safety and integrity of the Hang and Side walls

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  • Dimension stone quarries.
  • Secondary breaking.
  • Slyping and box cutting.
  • Development Ends
  • Narrow reef stoping


  • Deep Level Mining production operations.
  • Opencast Mining – Benching and Secondary operations.
  • Ease of use – drill patterns are similar to current adopted patterns.
  • Fragmentation is controlled.
  • Dust and fines is negligible, negating silicosis.
  • Short re-entry times & cleaning cycles.
  • Ensures safety & integrity of the Hang and Side walls.
  • Ore recovery rates are increased.
  • Down-stream operational costs are eliminated.
  • Continuous mining is possible.

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RBT offers a comprehensive range of Low Impact Deflagration cartridges in the following diameters:

  • 13mm
  • 28mm
  • 34mm
  • 45mm
  • 60mm
  • RBT Bulk Cartridges


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